Paternal genome elimination: patterns and mechanisms of drive and silencing

M. Herbette and L. Ross,  Current Opinion in Genetics and Development,  81. 2023.

In thousands of arthropod species, males inherit, but subsequently eliminate the entire haploid genome of their father. However, why this peculiar reproductive strategy evolved repeatedly across diverse species and what mechanisms are involved in paternal genome elimination (PGE) remains largely unknown. In this review, we summarize what we know about the patterns of paternal chromosome elimination during various stages of development in the diverse taxa that have been studied. We also discuss some other unusual features often associated with PGE, such as the transcriptional silencing of paternally derived chromosomes in males and sex determination through the early embryonic elimination of X chromosomes. Little is known about the molecular mechanisms underlying the parent-of-origin-dependent chromosome elimination and silencing under PGE, but we discuss the insight of several studies that are pioneering this work and highlight directions for future research.

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