R2d2 and hyperdrive mechanisms (in Mouse meiosis)

Zanders, SEM, H. S.,  PLOS Genetics,  11:1-4. 2015.

Mendelian transmission is established during meiosis, the cell division that generates haploidgametes (e.g., sperm and eggs) from diploid germ cells. Meiosis does not, however, have to befair. Selfish genetic elements, or meiotic drivers, have evolved to cheat this process in order tobe packaged into functional gametes more often than the expected 50% probability. By biasingallele transmission in their favor, meiotic drive alleles can short-circuit natural selection, caus-ing their spread even if they are harmful to organismal fitness. Indeed, meiotic drive alleles arethought to be directly or indirectly associated with infertility in diverse eukaryotes, from fungito flies to humans [2].