Resistance to meiotic drive at MD locus in an Indian wild population of Aedes aegypti

Suguna, SGW, R. J.; Curtis, C. F.; Whitelaw, A.; Kazmi, S. J.,  Genetical Research,  29:123-132. 1977.

Females from an Indian wild population of Aedes aegypti were crossed to males carrying the sex ratio distorter factor MB which shows meiotic drive. Progenies from ¥1 males were tested for sex ratio distortion, i.e. the chromosomes from the wild females were screened for their resistance to the action of M°. The distribution of sex ratio in the progenies of different ¥1 males indicated a polymorphism in the wild population for resistant and sensitive variants of the X chromosome. Seven discrete categories of X appear to exist, associated with sex ratios ranging from 50 % $ to less than 1’25 % $. The overall level of resistance varied slightly but significantly in different parts of a town. The results are discussed in relation to the use of sex ratio distortion for genetic control of mosquitoes.