Scientist Recommends Gene Drive Strategies Of Pest Control To Increase Food Security

L. Agbo,  allnews,  2022.

A Nigerian scientist, Dr. Rose Gidado has recommended that Nigerian policymakers and farmers adopt the technology of a gene drive-based pest management technique in order to increase bumper harvest and food security.In an interview with NAN on Monday in Abuja, Gidado, the Deputy Director at the National Biotechnology Development Agency (NABDA) and the OFAB’s Country Coordinator, made the statement.In order to attain food security, which would lead to national development, she claimed that Nigerian farmers needed to accept the use of gene drive technology for their seeds and food crops.“Gene drives are systems that warrant biased inheritance by improving the possibility of DNA sequence passing from one generation to the other via sexual reproduction and potentially throughout an entire population.“It is a modern biotechnology technique that alters the tendency of transmitting a specific allele from the natural 50 per cent probability by propagating a particular set of genes throughout a population,’’ Gidado said.

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