2 Billion Genetically Altered Mosquitoes Will Be Released in Fla. and Calif. to Fight Disease

A. Adams,  People,  2022.

Billions of genetically modified mosquitoes are expected to be released within the next two years as part of an expanded version of an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) study — but the project is receiving criticism from advocacy groups that believe it could be dangerous.The EPA said in an announcement on Monday that it will extend its current study into reducing the population of the Aedes aegypti, a mosquito commonly found in the United States, through April 2024. The EPA looking to broaden its work to Monroe County in Florida and four counties in California: Stanislaus, Fresno, Tulare and San Bernardino. Under the project’s revised Experimental Use Permit (EUP), the EPA is permitted to release nearly 2.5 billion Aedes aegypti mosquitoes containing a protein called Tetracycline Trans-Activator Variant (tTAV-OX5034) into the wild.

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