A comparison of the Trojan Y Chromosome and daughterless carp eradication strategies

J. L. Teem, J. B. Gutierrez and R. D. Parshad,  16,  16:1217-1230. 2013.

Two autocidal genetic biocontrol methods have been proposed as a means to eliminate invasive fish by changing the sex ratio of the population: the Trojan Y Chromosome (TYC) strategy and the Daughterless Carp (DC) strategy. Both strategies were modeled using ordinary differential equations that allow the kinetics of female decline to be assessed under identical modeling conditions. When compared directly in an ordinary differential equation (ODE) model, the TYC strategy was found to result in female extinction more rapidly than a DC strategy (in each of three models tested in which the Daughterless autocidal fish contained an aromatase inhibitor gene in either two or eight copies). The TYC strategy additionally required the introduction of fewer autocidal fish to the target population to achieve local extinction of females as compared to the DC approach. The results suggest that the relatively lower efficiency of female reduction associated with the DC approach is a consequence of a greater capacity to produce females and also a reduced capacity to produce males as compared to the TYC system.