Experiments in the hybridisation of tsetse-flies (Glossina, Diptera) and the possibility of a new method of control.

F. L. Vanderplank,  Transactions of the Royal Entomological Society of London,  98:1-18. 1947.

Hybridisation of Glossina morsitans Westwood, G. swynnertoni Austen and G. pallidipes Austen was attempted in order to discover(a) Whether the three could be regarded as distinct species or as sub-species of morsitans ; (b) Whether they would mate freely with one another, and if not by what means the three closely allied forms distinguished their own kind ; (c) Whether morsitans and swynnertoni would readily produce hybrid offspring, and if so, what proportion of females would do so, and what proportion of hybrids would be sterile ; (d) Finally, whether interference with one species by another could be used as a measure of control. I also wanted to explore other details including markings, colouration and nature of the genitalia of the hybrids, and whether these characters were constant or variable.