Gene-drive mosquitoes, a prospect for future malaria control

S. A. Monawwer, A. O. I. Alzubaidi, F. Yasmin, S. M. Q. Haimour, S. M. I. Shay and I. Ullah,  Pan African Medical Journal,  41:2-6. 2022.

Despite major developments in malaria control over the past two decades, the disease continues to scourge the human population across the globe. Rising concerns such as insecticide resistance amongst vector mosquitoes are a cause of huge fear amongst healthcare providers and policymakers. Amidst such dire circumstances, a recent development may form the blueprint for future malaria control as for the first time ever researchers were able to decimate an entire mosquito population using gene-drive technology within a span of one year in a multi-generation, ecologically challenging study. Despite some concerns, the technology displayed a high potential of becoming a powerful tool in malaria control.

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