Gene Drive Mosquitoes from Islamic Perspective: A Preliminary Discussion

N. M. Isa,  Global Journal Al-Thaqafah,  13. 2023.

Gene drive mosquitoes could spread desired trait, such as female infertility within a wild population at a rate higher than the normal inheritance rate and could eventually wipe out the population. Consequently, this makes gene drive mosquitoes one of the promising approaches in controlling mosquito-borne diseases, such as malaria and dengue. Despite its potentials, the development of gene drive mosquitoes has raised ethical concerns, mainly on the issues of safety and efficacy, as well as tampering with nature. Little research has been conducted to explore religious perspectives on this new advancement. This article aims to fill that gap by exploring the ethics of gene drive mosquitoes from Islamic perspectives. This article outlines three aspects, namely the purposes, the potential benefits and harms, and the need of the technology that should be considered when discussing whether gene drive mosquitoes should be allowed from Islamic perspectives.

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