How common are meiotically driving sex chromosomes in insects?

Jiggins, FMH, G. D. D.; Majerus, M. E. N.,  American Naturalist,  154:481-483. 1999.

In summary, we argue that the hypothesis that sex chromosome; meiotic drive is common within the insects is in; fact not proved. We feel that, although it is unlikely that; it will be found exclusively in the Diptera, there is a case; to be made that the Diptera are a hot spot for the occurrence; of sex chromosome meiotic drive. Further research; is clearly necessary to clarify this point. If the Diptera; are found to be different, then we must ask why this; is so. Meiotic drive often involves the destruction of gametes; that do not bear the drive allele causing a reduction; in the number of functional gametes. This may mean that; meiotically driving sex chromosomes are unlikely to spread; in female heterogametic taxa such as the Lepidoptera because; a reduction in the number of eggs is more costly; than a reduction in the number of sperm. Among male; heterogametic taxa, it is unclear what could make Dipteran; meiosis special.