Hybridization between Glossina Species and Suggested New Method for Control of Certain Species of Tsetse

F. L. Vanderplank,  Nature,  154:607-608. 1944.

Corson and Potts record crossing Glossina swynnertoni Aust. with G. morsitans Westwood. Corson crossed twelve female G. morsitans with male G. swynnertoni, of which only two females produced a total of three pupæ. All his females lived long enough for reproduction to take place. He records the offspring, all females, as being identical with pure-bred G. morsitans, and suggested parthenogenesis. Potts crossed both male G. morsitans with female G. swynnertoni and male G. swynnertoni with female G. morsitans (see accompanying communication by Mr. W. H. Potts).