Modelling and analysis of periodic impulsive releases of the Nilaparvata lugens infected with wStri-Wolbachia

Xiangjun Dai, Qi Quan & Jianjun Jiao,  Journal of Biological Dynamics,  17:1. 2023.

In this paper, we formulate a population suppression model and a population replacement model with periodic impulsive releases of Nilaparvata lugens infected with wStri. The conditions for the stability of wild-N.lugens-eradication periodic solution of two systems are obtained by applying the Floquet theorem and comparison theorem. And the sufficient conditions for the persistence in the mean of wild N.lugens are also given. In addition, the sufficient conditions for the extinction and persistence of the wild N.lugens in the subsystem without wLug are also obtained. Finally, we give numerical analysis which shows that increasing the release amount or decreasing the release period are beneficial for controlling the wild N.lugens, and the efficiency of population replacement strategy in controlling wild populations is higher than that of population suppression strategy under the same release conditions.

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