National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine’s Gene Drive Workshop: Science, Ethics, and Governance Considerations for Gene Drive Research – October 28, 2015

National Academy of Sciences Engineering Medicine,  National Academy of Sciences,  2015.

This was an information-gathering workshop of the Committee on Gene Drive Research in Non-Human Organisms: Recommendations for Responsible Conduct convened on Wednesday, October 28th, 2015 at the National Academy of Sciences Auditorium at 2101 Constitution Avenue, NW Washington, DC.   Here is the agenda.

Welcome by Elizabeth Heitman and James Collins (7:40)

Austin Burt: Capabilities & Tradeoffs of Gene Drive Techniques (21:32)

Shengdar Tsai: Genome Sequencing Approaches & Determining Off-target Effects (17:56)

Allison Snow: Ecological & Evolutionary Conditions for Gene Flow in Plants (20:52)

Nora Besansky: Ecological & Evolutionary Conditions for Gene Flow in Mosquitoes (19:56)

Q&A Scientific Considerations (38:33)

Francis Macrina: Scientific Integrity (21:31)

Bruce Jennings: Ethics in Science & Governance of Science (22:20)

Jesse Kirkpatrick & Andrew Light: Do Gene Drives Present Novel Ethical Considerations? (22:45)

Q&A Responsible Conduct and Ethics (34:46)

Diran Makinde: Governance of Biosafety of Biotechnology Research in African Counteries (17:30)

Wannapa Suwonkerd: Community Influence on Vector Control Research & Governance in Thailand (19:51)

Norma Padilla: Multi-country Field Trials of Biotechnology in Latin America (25:46)

Q&A Perspectives on Low & Middle Income Countries (35:12)

David Wirth: International Mechanisms to Govern Biotechnology (22:53)

Megan Palmer: US Governance of Biotechnology (23:36)

Zachary Adelman: Institutional Governing Policies (24:32)

Q&A Scales of Governance (27:16)

Public Comments (9:28)