Phased Conditional Approach for Mosquito Management Using Sterile Insect Technique

J. Bouyer, H. Yamada, R. Pereira, K. Bourtzis and M. J. B. Vreysen,  Trends in Parasitology,  2020.

Mosquito-borne diseases represent a major threat to humankind. Recently, the incidence of malaria has stopped decreasing while that of dengue is increasing exponentially. Alternative mosquito-control methods are urgently needed. The sterile insect technique (SIT) has seen significant developments recently and may play an important role. However, testing and implementing SIT for vector control is challenging, and a phased conditional approach (PCA) is recommended, that is, advancement to the next phase depends on completion of activities in the previous one. We herewith present a PCA to test the SIT against mosquitoes within an area-wide-integrated pest-management programme, taking into account the experience gained with plant and livestock pests and the recent developments of the technique against mosquitoes.