Presence of segregation distortion in sheep

Raed, MA,  Research Journal of Biotechnology,  10:87-98. 2015.

The main objective of this project was the investigation of presence of segregation distortion (SD) and description of other relevant parameters of multilocus genetics in Australian Merino sheep. The SD cases investigated three flocks of 98, 79 and 92 offspring and their DNA-based identified dams and sires. DNA samples were genotyped for 28 microsatellite (MS) markers located on different chromosomes. SD was estimated by studying the paternal segregation of alleles in offspring using a bootstrap procedure. The results showed a high proportion of studied loci which demonstrated significant SD. The results provided additional data which add to the common knowledge that sheep population structure and dynamics are affected by evolutionary forces such as gene flow, selection and many other random factors. These forces were noticed in the three populations. Finally, the results obtained from many loci in this project provided evidence of Mendelian violation. Moreover, they indicated that genes affecting male-related SD are spread over the genome.