Methods in Molecular Biology

Procedures for the Detection of Wolbachia-Conferred Antiviral Protection in Drosophila melanogaster

Chrostek, E.,  Methods in Molecular Biology,  2739. 2023.

Spread of Wolbachia infections in host populations may be enhanced by Wolbachia-conferred protection from viral pathogens. Wolbachia-infected Drosophila melanogaster survive the pathogenic effects of positive-sense single-stranded RNA virus infections at a higher rate than the flies without Wolbachia. The protection can occur with or without detectable reduction in virus titer. For the comparisons to be meaningful, Wolbachia-harboring and Wolbachia-free insects need to be genetically matched, and original populations of gut microbiota need to be restored after the removal of Wolbachia using antibiotics. Here, I describe the procedures needed to detect Wolbachia-conferred antiviral protection against Drosophila C virus measured as the difference in survival and viral titer between flies with and without Wolbachia.

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