Production of YY Supermale and XY Physiological Female Common Carp for Potential Eradication of this Invasive Species

M. Y. Jiang, X. X. Wu, K. X. Chen, H. R. Luo, W. Yu, S. T. Jia, Y. M. Li, Y. F. Wang, P. H. Yang, Z. Y. Zhu and W. Hu,  Journal of the World Aquaculture Society,  49:315-327. 2018.

The common carp, Cyprinus carpio, is the third most cultivated freshwater species worldwide, but is also considered an invasive species. The Trojan Y chromosome strategy is one of the most promising methods to eradicate this invasive species. However, obtaining fertile YY supermale (MYY) and YY physiological female (FYY) common carp was thought to be very difficult. The present study focused on the production of androgenetic MYY and XY physiological female (FXY) common carp. We first optimized the conditions for artificially induced androgenesis. The results indicated that the optimum ultraviolet (UV) exposure time was 4min at an irradiation distance of 26cm and the optimum initiation time with heat shock (40 +/- 0.5C for 2min) was 30min after fertilization. Then, we produced androgenetic MYY Yellow River carp with only paternal inheritance, which were viable and identified by paternity testing and test crossing. Finally, we successfully produced FXY Yellow River carp by feeding 60-d-old MXY with commercially available feed mixed with 17-estradiol (200mg/kg) and Flutamide (200mg/kg) for 3mo. In conclusion, by combining artificially induced androgenesis with an artificially induced sex reversal technique, we could cost-effectively produce MYY and FXY common carp.