Sander,Larry – The father of meiotic drive

Lindsley, DL,  American Naturalist,  137:283-286. 1991.

The symposium at which the following papers were presented was deprived of what surely would have been a major intellectual contribution by the sudden death of its co-organizer, Larry Sandler, in February 1987. Larry was a leading contributor to the study of segregation distortion and meiotic drive, beginning with his seminal research as a graduate student with Ed Novitski at the University of Missouri and continuing, in collaboration with Yuichiro Hiraizumi, as a post- doctoral fellow with Jim Crow and as a fledgling faculty member at the University of Wisconsin. Many of us at the conference worked with him personally and benefited from his insights and his enthusiasm for genetic analysis of meiotic problems. We all felt a great sense of loss and missed his lively contributions at the symposium.