Sex-ratio distortion in Drosophila simulans – cooccurrence of a meiotic drive and a suppressor of drive

Mercot, HA, A.; Jacques, M.; Montchampmoreau, C.,  Journal of Evolutionary Biology,  8:283-300. 1995.

A sex-ratio distortion factor was found at high frequency in D. simulans strains from Seychelles and New Caledonia. This factor is poorly or not expressed within those strains which are resistant to it. Its presence was detected by crossing females from New Caledonia or the Seychelles with males from a different geographic origin. Most of the Fl males obtained produced an excess of females (up to 99%) in their progeny. The two strains are infected with Wolbachia, but these micro-organismms are not involved in the sex-ratio distortion. The sex-ratio factor is shown to be an X-linked meiotic driver; nuclear resistance factor(s) act by suppressing the drive. It is likely that the same X-located driver invaded the two populations, which subsequently developed resistance factor(s) against it.