The aging effect in the segregation distorter system of Drosophila melanogaster

Oh, SCN, J. G.,  Korean Journal of Genetics,  25:237-242. 2003.

The SD/SD+ heterozygous male of Drosophila melanogaster transmits the SD second chromosome to its progeny in excess of the Mendelian frequency of 0.5. The k value is defined as the frequency of the SD chromosome recovered among progeny from such a male. This value has been shown to be affected by the age of the male parent: it tends to decrease with increasing age of the parental male, and this aging effect is heritable. The present study indicates that there is a genotypic condition in which the effect of male age is to increase the k value, and this increase is heritable. Thus, a heritable aging effect can occur in both increasing and decreasing the k values, depending upon the genotypes.