The drone, the tool of the future to combat its spread

T. Thompson,  Your Decommissioning News,  2021.

Drones could become a promising tool in the fight against the tiger mosquito, according to a study published Tuesday by French researchers. French researchers said on Tuesday that drones could, within a few years, integrate into the arsenal of the fight against the tiger mosquito, an invasive species that appeared on mainland France about fifteen years ago, revealing the results of an experiment conducted in Montpellier. The tiger mosquito, Aedes albopictus, now detected in 65 French departments, grows at 80% in individuals, mainly in standing water in gardens. It is more harmful because it stings constantly during the day and can transmit viral diseases such as dengue, chikungunya or Zika if it has been stung by a previous patient. Therefore the first preventive measure against this insect, whose reproduction is preferred by high temperatures, is to systematically empty and overturn containers that may contain water, such as a simple ashtray. But additional methods have emerged in recent years, including the so-called “sterile insect technique” (TIS), which consists of raising male mosquitoes in laboratories, sterilizing them, and then releasing them into the field, where wild females are sterilized. which will not have offspring.

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