Adaptive risk management of gene drive experiments: Biosafety, biosecurity, and ethics

Lunshof, JEB, A.,  Applied Biosafety,  22:97-103. 2017.

Emerging technologies in the life sciences call for new models of biosafety risk management. We examine the question of how to; address new developments in the life sciences and biosciences in a bottom-up manner—that is, from the concrete level of; biosafety practice with a focus on the risk management and risk assessment of emerging technologies in the biology laboratory.; We use research on “gene drives” as an example of challenging work with new constructs that have major biosafety implications; for the work in the laboratory and beyond. Gene drives are intended for use in ecosystems and require, at an early stage, the; consideration of potential future biosafety, biosecurity, and societal impact. We argue for an integrative approach, a truly collaborative; model that involves scientists, biosafety officers, institutional leadership, and ethics consultants, with the aim of; maximizing safety as well as scientific progress.