Agricultural pest control with CRISPR-based gene drive: time for public debate: Should we use gene drive for pest control?

Courtier?Orgogozo, VM, Baptiste; Boëte, Christophe,  EMBO Reports,  18:878-880. 2017.

Gene drive based on the CRISPR/Cas-9 gene editing system is a powerful technology that promotes the inheritance of the gene drive tool itself via sexual reproduction and can therefore spread quickly through a population. It holds great potential for public health and humanitarian purposes, such as reducing the burden of vector-borne diseases like malaria. Here, we discuss another potential application of CRISPR-based gene drive, namely the control of pest species to increase crop production. We argue that gene drive-based pest control strategies should receive more attention from policymakers and the public given their enormous potential impact on the environment, their easy accessibility, and the current dearth of regulations.