An overview of OECD activities related to modern techniques of biotechnology and genome editing

Kearns, P,  Transgenic Research,  28:41-44. 2019.

Since commercial use of genetically-engineered (genetically- modified) plants started in 1996, many agricultural products have been developed to improve crop traits. The foods and feeds derived from these commodities have drastically increased worldwide. However, answering health and environmental safety concerns associated with the agricultural use of biotechnology is essential in countries producing the products, as well as in countries using them. To address these concerns, the OECD conducts programmes of work for sharing information, developing tools to facilitate a harmonised approach of risk assessment, and contributing to building consensus between national authorities. This report provides background information on some OECD activities related to safety considerations associated with the use of biotechnology in agriculture (covering applications to crop plants, trees, animals, micro-organisms), including the recent emergence of genome editing techniques.