British super mosquitoes being deployed to wipe out malaria from the planet

J. Lawton,  Daily Star,  2023.

The Brit-made mosquitoes are all male and carry a special gene to prevent female offspring from surviving into adulthood.Only females bite and spread malaria. Released into the wild Oxitec’s genetically-modified males mate with wild females. All the female offspring then die. Males – which do not bite or spread the disease – survive and go on to mate with other wild females `dramatically’ reducing the world’s mosquito population and the “spread of malaria”. according to Gates. Tests have shown the super mozzies pose no risk to the environment or humans. More than one billion have so far been released worldwide with “no negative impacts”, Bill wrote in an online blog. In Brazil the Brit buzzers are helping eliminate dengue fever – another mosquito-transmitted disease which kills up to 40,000-a-year. They will be introduced to Djibouti in east Africa next year to stop a rise in the number of malaria cases from 27 in 2012 to 73,000 in 2020.

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