Djibouti Unleashes Controversial Genetically Modified Mosquitoes

Palki Sharma,  Firstpost,  2024.

Djibouti is combatting malaria by employing a unique tactic: utilising mosquitoes to battle mosquitoes. The East African nation has released tens of thousands of genetically engineered mosquitoes armed with a “self-limiting” gene. This bioengineered gene aims to curb mosquito populations by terminating their offspring. However, concerns have been voiced about the experimental nature of this genetic modification technique and the absence of adequate regulation. While Burkina Faso, Brazil, Panama, and India have ventured into similar endeavors, the efficacy and long-term implications of such interventions remain uncertain. The debate persists: are genetically modified mosquitoes a daring gamble or a promising solution to eradicate deadly diseases like malaria?

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