This is an eclectic collection of videos about gene drive technologies found on the internet with varying levels of technicality and accuracy.

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Djibouti Unleashes Controversial Genetically Modified Mosquitoes

Palki Sharma,  Firstpost,  2024.
Djibouti is combatting malaria by employing a unique tactic: utilising mosquitoes to battle mosquitoes. The East African nation has released tens of thousands of genetically engineered mosquitoes armed with a "self-limiting" gene. This bioengineered gene aims to curb mosquito ...
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How to Use Genetic Biocontrol to Manage Insect Pests

Scientific Animations Without Borders,  YouTube,  2024.
Pest insects often transmit disease to humans and animals and destroy crops. Controlling these pests can improve human health and increase agricultural production. Pest insects are often controlled by releasing other insects into the environment that will specifically kill the ...
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High-Stakes Decision Making for World-Changing Technologies

TEDx Talks,  YouTube,  2024.
We have important decisions to make that require rigorous and inclusive decision-making models that can be applied on a broad scale to a growing number of emerging challenges.
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Brazil city deploys modified mosquitos to fight dengue surge

Reuters,  The Globe and Mail,  2024.
A British biotechnology company is betting on a solution to Brazil's surging dengue cases, involving the release of genetically modified mosquitoes to reduce the viral infection's spread.
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Flight Against Infections: The Role of Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes, with Dr. Stephanie James

EeKs on Health,  YouTube,  2024.
In this episode of Causes or Cures, Dr. Eeks chats with Dr. Stephanie James about the potential use of genetically modified mosquitoes (GMMs) to fight diseases that mosquitoes carry and spread, such as Malaria and Dengue Fever. In the podcast, Dr. James provides an overview ...
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Mosquito Control releases over 100K sterile male mosquitos to combat Aedes aegypti population

NBC2 News,  YouTube,  2024.
Mosquito Control releases over 100K sterile male mosquitos to combat Aedes aegypti population
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“Mozzie Drive” Card Game rules

Katie Willis, Ace North,  Target Malaria,  2024.
Mozzie Drive is an educational card game that demonstrates how gene drive technology could be used to reduce populations of malaria mosquitoes. To download the game for free, please visit: . This game was designed by Dr. Katie Willis ...
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SPOTLIGHT: Gene Drives for Malaria Elimination in Africa

Ifakara Health Institute,  YouTube,  2024.
This SPOTLIGHT Series features Dr. Marceline Finda, a distinguished Research Scientist at Ifakara Health Institute. The insightful 20-minute discussion centered around the topic: "Gene Drives for Malaria Elimination in Africa."
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Scientists create first transgenic mosquito strain in Africa

CGTN Africa,  YouTube,  2024.
Scientists in Tanzania have created the first transgenic mosquito strain in Africa. This genetically modified strain aims to prevent malaria transmission.
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Gene Drives: Mechanisms and Key Research, Explained

Julia Bauman,  60 Second Science,  2024.
A technical primer on CRISPR-based gene drives, which hold massive potential for mitigating the harms invoked by some species. We cover what a gene drive is, how it works at the genetic level, and summarize key safety & efficiency features developed in recent years.
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Ge­net­i­cally modified mos­quitoes

The SoCal Scene Staff,  Spectrum News 1,  2024.
In the battle against pests, the deadliest insect in the world has become the mosquito. There’s no silver bullet to eradicate it, but one company is looking to change that, using a method that seems out of the future. 
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Off Target: Gene Drives and the Balance of Life

Save Our Seeds,  2023.
This is a compilation of conversations with experts about gene drive technologies and the science/social questions it raises.
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Worldwide Experts on Gene Drives

Save Our Seeds,  2023.
We are travelling the world speaking to some of the world's leading thinkers, activists and academics on the impact of gene drives. Join us for this video series as we hear from a diverse range of experts on one of the most controversial new emerging technologies that we face.
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Ethical dilemma: Should we get rid of mosquitoes?

Talya Hackett,  TED-Ed,  2023.
Mosquitoes are responsible for more human deaths every year than any other animal, but very few of the 3,500 mosquito species actually transmit deadly diseases to humans. Scientists have been conducting experiments using engineered technologies called gene drives that could ...
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Discovery of 119-Million year old Selfish Genes Casts Doubt on Established Evolution Beliefs

Stowers Institute for Medical Research,  Stowers Institute for Medical Research,  2022.
Meiotic drivers, a kind of selfish gene, are indeed selfish. They are found in virtually all species’ genomes, including humans, and unjustly transfer their genetic material to more than half of their offspring, resulting in infertility and impaired organism health. Their ...
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S. Hartley and T. Law,,  2022.
UK scientists have proposed gene drive as a management tool to control grey squirrels. Now is a good time to talk about this emerging technology because the hopes and concerns of experts, stakeholders and the public can help to determine if or how it might be developed. To help ...
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Stop Gene Drive,  STOP GENE DRIVES,  2022.
We are travelling the world speaking to some of the world’s leading thinkers, activists and academics on the impact of gene drives. We interviewed more than 20 experts from around the world
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Inside the Plan to Release Life-Saving Mosquitoes

WIRED,  WIRED,  2022.
The Florida Keys Mosquito Control District is turning towards a novel tool to combat harmful insecticide-resistant mosquitoes like the Aedes aegypti. What are they doing exactly? They're releasing millions of genetically modified male mosquitoes engineered to reduce the ...
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The power of gene editing

The Economist,  The Economist,  2022.
Technologies such as genetic modification and ‘CRISPR’ will cure hereditary diseases, produce disease-resistant crops and enable the breeding of malaria-free mosquitos. But advances bring ethical and practical dilemmas. Genetically modified food is banned in the EU, and ...
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In Real Life: GMOsquitoes

Newsy,  Newsy,  2021.
The release of genetically modified mosquitoes in Florida gives hope of reducing the spread of disease while causing concerns among some citizens.
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