Gene editing used to create all-male or all-female mice litters

A. Reis,  European Scientist,  2021.

Researchers from the Francis Crick Institute and the University of Kent used gene-editing technologies to create male-only and female-only mice litters, according to a study published in Nature Communications (1). The authors also suggested ways in which this method could be used to improve animal welfare in scientific research and agriculture. There are many situations in research and agriculture where it would be desirable to have just females or just males. For example, reproductive studies require only animals of the gender being studied, while in farming, egg and milk production needs only female animals. Sadly, in many cases, the unwanted animals end up being culled. “This work could have an immediate and valuable impact in scientific laboratories, as we’ve shown how it is safe and effective in mice, a common mammal used in medical and scientific research. While a lot of research needs both sexes, there are areas of study where only one is needed. For example, when studying the reproductive system, sex-specific diseases, or certain hormones”, said James Turner, group leader of the Sex Chromosome Biology Laboratory at the Crick says:

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