Mathematical modeling of the performance of wild and transgenic mosquitoes in malaria transmission

A. P. Wyse, A. J. B. dos Santos, J. D. Azevedo, A. C. de Meneses and V. M. D. Santos,  Plos One,  18:23. 2023.

A mathematical model that simulates malaria transmission under the influence of transgenic mosquitoes refractory to malaria is presented in this paper. The zygosity of transgenic mosquitoes is taken into account and, consequently, the total population of mosquitoes is comprised of wild type and heterozygous and homozygous transgenic mosquitoes. These three mosquito varieties interact by mating and competition, and the genetic characteristics of their resulting offspring are in accordance with Mendelian genetics or the mutagenic chain reaction (MCR) technique. Although the incorporation of transgenic mosquitoes into the ecosystem reduces the incidence of malaria, the model also takes into account the importance of completing treatment in individuals with confirmed infection and the imminent risk of increased environmental temperature.

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