Meiotic drive in female mice: An essay

Ruvinsky, A,  Mammalian Genome,  6:315-320. 1995.

Since the rediscovery of Mendel’s laws, geneticists have accumulated various examples in which equal meiotic segregation in heterozygotes is violated. However, only a few natural meiotic drive systems have been characterized in detail and the majority of these are sex chromosome linked (Hurst and Pomiankovski 1991a). In animals, only two autosomal meiotic drive systems have been thoroughly investigated: the t complex in Mus musculus (Lyon 1991; Silver 1993) and the Segregation Distorter system (SD) in Drosophila melanogaster (Lyttle 1991). Both affect heterozygous males. Recently Agulnik and associates (1990a, 1993c, 1993d) have found and described a new meiotic drive system that disturbs normal segregation in heterozygous female mice. The system is the main target of this review, which also includes a comparative analysis of other drive systems to establish a likely scenario of their origin, evolution, and stability in natural populations.