The optimal implementation of the Trojan Y chromosome eradication strategy of invasive species

M. R. Kelly and X. Y. Wang,  Journal of Biological Systems,  25:399-418. 2017.

Invasive aquatic species continue to be a persistent problem around the world. The Trojan Y Chromosome (TYC) eradication strategy has recently been developed to help fight the problem in aquatic systems by targeting only the invasive species, sparing native marine stock. It involves rearing genetically modified samples of the invasive species and introducing them into the environment to alter the sex ratio of the invasive population. The paper is devoted to finding the optimal implementation of the TYC eradication strategy of an invasive species as well as a modified, potentially more cost-effective strategy. The modified TYC strategy (MTYC) eliminates one round of exposure to sex hormones compared to the TYC strategy. After introducing both strategies, the optimal control problems for each are formulated. The two strategies are compared through numerical simulations. Our results illustrate that the MTYC strategy, with lower implementation costs, is a better strategy option when trying to minimize the overall effective cost in most scenarios.