Supporters: Core Commitments for Field Trials of Gene Drive Organisms.

Core commitments for field trials of gene drive organisms

K. C. Long, L. Alphey, G. J. Annas, C. S. Bloss, K. J. Campbell, J. Champer, C.-H. Chen, A. Choudhary, G. M. Church, J. P. Collins, K. L. Cooper, J. A. Delborne, O. R. Edwards, C. I. Emerson, K. Esvelt, S. W. Evans, R. M. Friedman, V. M. Gantz, F. Gould,,  Science,  370:1417-1419. 2020.
While field trials of gene drive organisms (GDOs) ultimately will depend on public policy decisions, those engaged in GDO work can play critical roles in support of these decisions by generating evidence and developing evaluation strategies in fair and effective partnerships with ...

“Core Commitments” (in brief) from Long et al (2020):

Fair partnership and transparency:  Fair partnership among GDO developers, communities where GDOs may be released, regulators, and stakeholders and other experts is critical and will require substantial time and resources

Product efficacy and safety:  Evidence of laboratory efficacy will be demonstrated prior to a GDO release

Regulatory evaluation and risk/benefit assessment:  At a minimum, conducting GDO field trials requires adherence to existing, and often evolving, national (or, in some cases, subnational) regulations and regional and international agreements.

Monitoring and mitigation:  GDO developers should engage and partner with communities, regulators, evolutionary biologists, ecologists, and social scientists to prepare and participate in surveillance for effectiveness and safety, and to monitor unintended consequences before, during, and after release, with accountability to various partners delineated before a field trial.Core Commitments Figure

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The following have expressed their support for these core commitments for field trials of gene drive organisms.

First Name Last Name Title Affiliation
Omar Akbari Professor UCSD
Gordana Rasic Dr. QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute
Kanya Long Assistant Professor UCSD
Jason Rasgon Professor of Disease Epidemiology Penn State University
Cinnamon BlossAssociate Professor UC San Diego
Yoosook LeeAssistant Professor UF IFAS Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory
Larisa Rudenko Research Affiliate MIT
Jason DelborneProfessor of Science, Policy, and Society North Carolina State University
David Threadgill ProfessorTexas A&M University
Toni Piaggio Research Scientist USDA
Hirotaka Kanuka Professor Jikei University School of Medicine
Jesse Reynolds Emmett / Frankel Fellow in Environmental Law and Policy University of California, Los Angeles School of Law
Jia Huang Professor Zhejiang University
Nourou Barry PhD, Social scientist IRSS/DRO Burkina Faso
Robyn Raban Research Data Analyst University of California San Diego