A mosquito population suppression model with a saturated Wolbachia release strategy in seasonal succession

Z. Zhang, L. Chang, Q. Huang, R. Yan and B. Zheng,  J Math Biol,  86:51. 2023.

Releasing Wolbachia-infected male mosquitoes to suppress wild female mosquitoes through cytoplasmic incompatibility has shown great promise in controlling and preventing mosquito-borne diseases. To make the release logistically and economically feasible, we propose a saturated release strategy, which is only implemented during the epidemic season of mosquito-borne diseases. Under this assumption, the model becomes a seasonally switching ordinary differential equation model. The seasonal switch brings rich dynamics, including the existence of a unique periodic solution or exactly two periodic solutions, which are proved by using the qualitative property of the Poincaré map. Sufficient conditions are also obtained for determining the stability of the periodic solutions.

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