Florida Keys moves forward with genetically modified mosquitoes

H. Vela,  local10.com,  2021.

The feared GMO mosquitoes are not going away. Opponents of the technology fear the date of the release in the Florida Keys is getting closer, and they are not ready for the possible repercussions of the experiment. The fight over whether or not to release genetically modified mosquitoes in Monroe County has been going on for almost a decade. Barry Wray said the mosquito control team’s contractor wants to deliver the first batch in April. Wray, the executive director of the Florida Keys Environmental Coalition, said he doesn’t believe there is enough evidence to prove that the technology is safe. He said there is a need for independent scientific investigation. “You don’t really know what the long-term outcomes could be or how to quantify those risks, and if you can’t do that scientifically, then you don’t know how to responsibly mitigate it or detect if something is going awry,” Wray said.

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