RNAi-based products: A sustainable alternative to hazardous pesticides

Ghent University,  Phys Org,  2021.

RNAi-based biocontrol is a great alternative to hazardous pesticides and can contribute towards reversing the alarming decline in farmland birds and beneficial insects (especially pollinating ones). RNAi is a well-known natural biological process in most organisms (plants, fungi and animals, including humans) that is based on RNA molecules. By creating technology based on this process, it is possible to protect crops and animals from a specific disease or pest. RNAi-based pest control products can be directly applied using current agricultural practices, such as spray application, trunk injection for tree species, seed soaking, or root drenching through hydroponic systems in greenhouses. For example: you can inject a tree with an RNAi-based product to protect it from a certain disease or pest.

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