Role of CRISPR Technology in Gene Editing of Emerging and Re-emerging Vector Borne Disease

K. K. Mahto, P. Prasad, M. Kumar, H. Dubey and A. Ranjan,  Recent Advances in Pathogen Interactions, Immunity, and Vector Control Strategies,  2022.

Vector borne diseases are rampant across the world. Due to spread and estab-lishment of vector species in different geographical areas, vector adaptation and resistance towards many insecticides the only option left is vector control for vari-ous vector borne diseases. Recent advancement in the field of genome editing have provided a variety of tools like, CRISPR, a novel genome editing techniques which can be applied for the control and prevention of many deadly diseases like dengue, chikungunya, filariasis, Japanese encephalitis and Zika. The present chapter is aimed to discuss the recent advancement in genome editing tools such as, their applica-tion, challenges, and limitations in vector control. Additionally, this chapter would potentially be advantageous to understand the hurdles, knowledge gaps in eliminating vector borne disease.

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