Threshold dynamics of a stochastic mathematical model for Wolbachia infections

J. Yang, Z. Chen, Y. Tan, Z. Liu and R. A. Cheke,  Journal of Biological Dynamics,  17:2231967. 2023.

A stochastic mathematical model is proposed to study how environmental heterogeneity and the augmentation of mosquitoes with Wolbachia bacteria affect the outcomes of dengue disease. The existence and uniqueness of the positive solutions of the system are studied. Then the V-geometrically ergodicity and stochastic ultimate boundedness are investigated. Further, threshold conditions for successful population replacement are derived and the existence of a unique ergodic steady-state distribution of the system is explored. The results show that the ratio of infected to uninfected mosquitoes has a great influence on population replacement. Moreover, environmental noise plays a significant role in control of dengue fever.

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