Information Sharing in Senegal on the Gene Drive Technology as a potential Complementary Tool for Malaria Vector Control


AUDA-NEPAD in partnership with the National Biosafety Authority (Autorité Nationale de Biosécurité (ANB) in Senegal organized an Information sharing meeting on the gene drive technology as a complementary tool for malaria vector control, from 22-23 December 2021, in Somone, Senegal. The key objective of the meeting was to discuss the opportunities offered by gene drive technology for malaria control, based on the current state of art of knowledge and experiences from countries that are testing this approach. Sixty people, including key stakeholders from relevant institutions in Senegal and experts from Burkina Faso and Mali took part in the meeting. In his opening remarks, Mr. Ousseynou Kassé, Executive Director of ANB thanked AUDA-NEPAD for the support provided in the organization of this meeting. He also thanked the experts from Burkina Faso and Mali who came to share their experiences on the subject. “We started the discussions on the Gene Drive approach some years ago at the COP-MOP meeting held in Mexico and we continued it in the past years in the sub-region. Recently we were in Accra twice to discuss the same topic ahead of the next COP-MOP meeting”, he said. Mr. Yero Dé, Chairperson of the Orientation Council of ANB, highlighted that the meeting seeks to improve stakeholders’ understanding of the gene drive technology as a novel malaria control approach. “We need to consider adopting this new approach through an open discussion on how this technology could be used in the health sector and in particular in malaria control and elimination. Malaria mortality rate is very high in most of our countries and the efforts deployed so far to control the disease face important challenges, including the resistance of the vector to the current treatments”, he further stated.

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