Integrated Management of Malaria Vectors in Africa

R. Mbabazi, K. Maredia, B. B. El-Sayed, A. K. Babumba, M. Savadogo and O. Akinbo,  Genetically Modified and other Innovative Vector Control Technologies,  2021.

Malaria disease is a major public health burden in Africa. The control of malaria vectors is a critical component for prevention, management, and eradication of malaria disease. This chapter presents information on the current status of malaria vector control in Africa with emphasis on integrated vector management (IVM) programs. The chapter highlights innovative and emerging technologies such as sterile insect technique, gene drive, Wolbachia-based biological control, and other technologies for malaria vector control in Africa which can be integrated into IVM programs. The chapter also provides global resources on malaria vector management programs.


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