Exploring Gene Drive Technologies in Agriculture, Biodiversity and Human Disease

The GBIRd Partnership and The GeneConvene Global Collaborative,  Gene Drive Research Forum,  2021.





The GBIRd Partnership and The GeneConvene Global Collaborative recently collaborated through The Gene Drive Research Forum, to create and produce an engaging conversation between Drs. Fred Gould and Charles Godfray about gene drive technologies – the potential benefits and complicating factors for agriculture, biodiversity, and human disease.

Gene drive [to eliminate malaria] is not a magic bullet, not a silver bullet, but it is potentially exciting and potentially very valuable and something worth investigating more time in at the moment to see whether it will work.

Sir Charles Godfray


Dr. Fred Gould, William Neal Reynolds Professor of Agriculture, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC USA
Image Credit: Christopher Michel

Sir Charles Godfray Ph.D., ,Professor of Population Biology, Director of the Oxford Martin School, Oxford University, Oxford, England.



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