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Side effects of X-ray irradiation on flight ability of Cydia pomonella moth

Huang, S.-W., Zhang, J.-H., Wei, Z.-H., Yang, X.-M., Wang, X.-Y. and Yang, X.-Q.,  Pest Management Science,  2023.
The sterile insect technique (SIT) has proven to be an effective approach in managing the population of major invasive pests Our previous studies showed that irradiation of males at a dosage of 366 Gy X-rays resulted in complete sterility. However, the mating competitiveness of ...
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Evaluating Flight Performance of Mass-Reared and Irradiated Navel Orangeworm (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) for Sterile Insect Technique

J. Reger, J. A. Wenger, G. Brar, C. Burks and H. Wilson,  Journal of Economic Entomology,  2021.
Navel orangeworm (Pyralidae: Amyelois transitella) is a key pest of almonds and pistachios in California. Moths directly infest nuts which leads to reduced crop yield and quality, and infestation can predispose nuts to fungal pathogens that produce aflatoxins. While several ...
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