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Does severe hypoxia during irradiation of Aedes aegypti pupae improve sterile male performance?

D. A. Tussey, K. J. Linthicum and D. A. Hahn,  Parasites and Vectors,  15:446. 2022.
The yellow fever mosquito, Aedes aegypti, vectors several pathogens responsible for human diseases. As a result, this mosquito species is a priority for control by mosquito control districts in Florida. With insecticide resistance development becoming a concern, alternative ...
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Developing radiation-based sterile insect technique (SIT) for controlling Aedes aegypti: identification of a sterilizing dose

C. Chen, R. L. Aldridge, S. Gibson, J. Kline, V. Aryaprema, W. Qualls, R.-d. Xue, L. Boardman, K. J. Linthicum and D. A. Hahn,  Pest Management Science,  2022.
Abstract Background The sterile insect technique (SIT) is emerging as a tool to supplement traditional pesticide-based control of Aedes aegypti, a prominent mosquito vector of microbes that have increased the global burden of human morbidity and mortality over the past 50?years. ...
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Calif. Legislature bites back at GE mosquito releases

L. Patrick,  Sun Gazette,  2022.
A biotech company created millions of genetically modified mosquitoes, but not in the Jurassic Park sense. The lab grown species could actually lower the population of an invasive mosquito that carries a plethora of diseases on its shoulders.On Nov. 3, several members of the ...
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D. O. Carvalho, R. Morreale, S. Stenhouse, D. A. Hahn, M. Gomez, A. Lloyd and D. Hoel,  Parasites and Vectors,  15:405. 2022.
The sterile insect technique (SIT), which involves area-wide inundative releases of sterile insects to suppress the reproduction of a target species, has proven to be an effective pest control method. The technique demands the continuous release of sterilized insects in ...
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Genetically modified mosquitoes cut the insect’s number by 96 per cent

M. Fauzia,  NewScientist,  2022.
The release of genetically modified male mosquitoes into a city in Brazil temporarily cut the virus-carrying insects by up to 96 per cent. Although not a permanent fix, periodically releasing such mosquitoes could reduce the burden of infections including dengue, malaria and ...
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Zombie Deer and the Scientists Behind the War on the ‘Man Eater’

S. Jones,  NC STATE CALS News,  2022.
In the remote jungles of the Panama-Colombia border, sterile flesh-eating flies fall from the sky in the thousands. Released from retired military planes, they embark on a suicide mission for their species, with the sole purpose of duping their female counterparts into mating ...
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Combating Mosquito-Borne Diseases with CRISPR

N. Spahich,  The Scientist,  2022.
Female mosquitoes are some of the deadliest organisms in the world due to their ability to spread infectious diseases through a simple bite. Mosquito-borne diseases such as yellow fever, Zika, Dengue fever, and malaria kill millions of humans every year, and there are limited ...
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Quality control traceability during the packing and release process of Ceratitis capitata for sterile insect technique

Y. Contreras-Navarro, H. Luis-Alvarez, G. García-Coapio, R. Hernández, S. Flores and P. Montoya,  Journal of Applied Entomology,  2022.
Abstract In programmes applying the sterile insect technique (SIT), the quality of insects deployed in the field determines the success in preventing, suppressing, containing or eradicating the pest population. In the fruit fly emergence and release facility (ERF) of the Moscamed ...
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Fact Check: Bill Gates’ genetically modified mosquitoes are responsible for mosquito-borne viruses in Florida and are part of the next planned pandemic.

A. Williams,  The Paradise,  2022.
The genetically modified mosquitoes in Florida are part of a project by Oxitec that Bill Gates did not fund. The virus reported in Florida is the West Nile virus, which has had reported cases in most U.S. states since 1999, with lower cases in 2022 than in previous years. The ...
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Life-history traits of a fluorescent Anopheles arabiensis genetic sexing strain introgressed into South African genomic background

N. L. Ntoyi, T. Mashatola, J. Bouyer, C. Kraupa, H. Maiga, W. Mamai, N. S. Bimbile-Somda, T. Wallner, D. O. Carvalho, G. Munhenga and H. Yamada,  Malaria Journal,  21:12. 2022.
Background South Africa has set a mandate to eliminate local malaria transmission by 2023. In pursuit of this objective a Sterile Insect Technique programme targeting the main vector Anopheles arabiensis is currently under development. Significant progress has been made towards ...
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Oregon State University professor releases destructive moths, wasps into orchards

E. Francovich,  statesman journal,  2022.
Each week for the past three months Christopher Adams, a professor at Oregon State University, has released upward of 4,000 codling moths into the Columbia Gorge’s fertile orchards. The drab, half-inch nonnative insects don’t look like much, but when they lay their larvae ...
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CRISPR, an eco-friendly technology, may detect crop pests

W. Adam,  list23,  2022.
Drosophila suzukii, an invading insect pest, is a threat to agricultural yields, especially to the production of fruits such as strawberries, cherries, plums, and grapes in western countries. Until now, control measures to stop the spread of D. suzukii have been inadequate. A ...
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Precision Guided Sterile Males Suppress Populations of an Invasive Crop Pest

N. P. Kandul, J. Liu, A. Buchman, I. C. Shriner, R. M. Corder, N. Warsinger-Pepe, T. Yang, A. K. Yadav, M. J. Scott, J. M. Marshall and O. S. Akbari,  GEN Biotechnology,  1:372-385. 2022.
The Drosophila suzukii invasion of western countries has created an immense agricultural and economic threat to crop production. Despite many attempts to suppress its population, D. suzukii continues to destroy soft-flesh fruits. Precision guided sterile insect technique (pgSIT) ...
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CRISPR-based technology targets global crop pest

University of California - San Diego,  Phys Org,  2022.
Applying new CRISPR-based technology to a broad agricultural need, researchers at the University of California San Diego have set their aims on a worldwide pest known to decimate valuable food crops. Nikolay Kandul, Omar Akbari and their colleagues first demonstrated the ...
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Effect of Wolbachia Infection and Adult Food on the Sexual Signaling of Males of the Mediterranean Fruit Fly Ceratitis capitata

G. A. Kyritsis, P. Koskinioti, K. Bourtzis and N. T. Papadopoulos,  Insects,  13. 2022.
Sexual signaling is a fundamental component of sexual behavior of Ceratitis capitata that highly determines males' mating success. Nutritional status and age are dominant factors known to affect males' signaling performance and define the female decision to accept a male as a ...
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Sterility of Cydia pomonella by X ray irradiation as an alternative to gamma radiation for the sterile insect technique

J.-H. Zhang, N. Li, H.-Y. Zhao, Y.-Q. Wang, X.-Q. Yang and K.-M. Wu,  Bulletin of Entomological Research,  2022.
The codling moth Cydia pomonella is a major pest of global significance impacting pome fruits and walnuts. It threatens the apple industry in the Loess Plateau and Bohai Bay in China. Sterile insect technique (SIT) could overcome the limitations set by environmentally compatible ...
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Robust control strategy by the Sterile Insect Technique for reducing epidemiological risk in presence of vector migration

P.-A. Bliman and Y. Dumont,  Mathematical Biosciences,  350:108856. 2022.
The Sterile Insect Technique (SIT) is a promising technique to control mosquitoes, vectors of diseases, like dengue, chikungunya or Zika. However, its application in the field is not easy, and its success hinges upon several constraints, one of them being that the treated area ...
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Gene drive designs for efficient and localisable population suppression using Y-linked editors

R. Geci, K. Willis and A. Burt,  bioRxiv,  2022.06.29.498122. 2022.
The sterile insect technique (SIT) has been successful in controlling some pest species but is not practicable for many others due to the large numbers of individuals that need to be reared and released. Previous computer modelling has demonstrated that the release of males ...
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The Florida Keys Mosquito Control District & Oxitec Announce Launch of Next Phase of Ground-Breaking Project

Oxitec,  Oxitec,  2022.
In a continuation of the FKMCD-Oxitec Mosquito Project, Oxitec and FKMCD announced that a new phase of the project (“Pilot D”) will be initiated on or after July 7th, 2022. This phase of the project will examine single-point releases of Oxitec’s male mosquitoes. In March ...
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Manipulating Insect Sex Determination Pathways for Genetic Pest Management: Opportunities and Challenges

A. Siddall, T. Harvey-Samuel, T. Chapman and P. T. Leftwich,  Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology,  10. 2022.
Sex determination pathways in insects are generally characterised by an upstream primary signal, which is highly variable across species, and that regulates the splicing of a suite of downstream but highly-conserved genes (transformer, doublesex and fruitless). In turn, these ...
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The AalNix3&4 isoform is required and sufficient to convert Aedes albopictus females into males

Y. Zhao, B. Jin, P. Liu, X. Xiao, L. Cai, Z. Xie, L. Kong, T. Liu, W. Yang, Y. Wu, J. Gu, Z. Tu, A. A. James and X.-G. Chen,  PLOS Genetics,  18:e1010280. 2022.
Author summary Nix serves as a conserved male-determining factor in the two most important mosquito arboviral vectors, Ae. aegypti and Ae. albopictus. AaeNix alone can convert Ae. aegypti females into fertile but flightless males. AalNix has four alternative splice isoforms ...
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Selective targeting of biting females to control mosquito-borne infectious diseases

B. B. Kojin, A. Compton, Z. N. Adelman and Z. Tu,  Trends in Parasitology,  2022.
Mosquitoes are vectors for a number of infectious diseases. Only females feed on blood to provision for their embryos and, in doing so, transmit pathogens to the associated vertebrate hosts. Therefore, sex is an important phenotype in the context of genetic control programs, both ...
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Current Status of Mosquito Handling, Transporting and Releasing in Frame of the Sterile Insect Technique

J. Guo, X. Zheng, D. Zhang and Y. Wu,  Insects,  13. 2022.
The sterile insect technique (SIT) and its related technologies are considered to be a powerful weapon for fighting against mosquitoes. As an important part of the area-wide integrated pest management (AW-IPM) programs, SIT can help reduce the use of chemical pesticides for ...
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Inside the Plan to Release Life-Saving Mosquitoes

WIRED,  WIRED,  2022.
The Florida Keys Mosquito Control District is turning towards a novel tool to combat harmful insecticide-resistant mosquitoes like the Aedes aegypti. What are they doing exactly? They're releasing millions of genetically modified male mosquitoes engineered to reduce the ...
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Combined Trojan Y Chromosome Strategy and Sterile Insect Technique to Eliminate Mosquitoes: Modelling and Analysis

J. Lyu, M. Gu, S. Wang and K. Cheng,  Mathematical Problems in Engineering,  2022:2373350. 2022.
Sterile insect technique has been successfully applied in the control of agricultural pests; however, it has a limited ability to control mosquitoes. A promising alternative approach is the Trojan Y Chromosome strategy, which works by manipulating the sex ratio of a population ...
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Reply to: Assessing the efficiency of Verily’s automated process for production and release of male Wolbachia-infected mosquitoes

J. E. Crawford, K. C. Hopkins, A. Buchman, T. Zha, P. Howell, E. Kakani, J. R. Ohm, N. Snoad, L. Upson, J. Holeman, P. Massaro, S. L. Dobson, F. S. Mulligan and B. J. White,  Nature Biotechnology,  2022.
We appreciate the comments from Bouyer et al. under their mandate as a United Nations agency program (‘to promote the safe and appropriate use of nuclear techniques and related technologies in food and agriculture’) on our paper1 . The centuries-old fight against ...
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Assessing the efficiency of Verily’s automated process for production and release of male Wolbachia-infected mosquitoes

J. Bouyer, H. Maiga and M. J. B. Vreysen,  Nature Biotechnology,  2022.